UK Business Bank Account for Non-Residents

If you are a non-resident and you want to open a Bank account in the UK then there are two particular ways to go for it, let us take a look at the available options:

The Struggle Way:

This way is just like its name, it has a lot of struggles in its path, for getting a UK Bank account you will need to visit the UK with a relevant Valid Visa plus you will need documents like Utility Bills or Rental agreements to prove that you have a proper address in the UK and then when you onboard with the Bank they will ask for a Deposit to be maintained while you are using the account (as you are a non-resident).

So if we list everything out:

1. Visa:

First, you need the Representative of an Overseas Business visa to be able to visit the UK with the intent to Establish your Business over there.

Cost for This Visa:

610 (Paid to the UK Government)

3000 - £5000 (Paid to the Consultant applying for your Visa)

2. Travelling and Accommodation:

Then, you will Need to Book a Flight, a place to stay, and not to mention there will be many other accommodation costs involved.

Estimated Costs for Travelling and Accommodation: £2000 - 5000 (at least)

3. Renting/Buying Property for Utility Bills:

You will need to show that you are willing to establish your business in the UK so you must display a proper UK address to the bank, so you will definitely need to at least rent a Property where you can register yourself for utility bills.

Renting a small Property in the UK will Cost at least £1,500 /month £5,000 (as a Security Deposit). You will need to pay about 3 month's Rent in Advance which is £4,500.

Initial Cost for Renting a Property in the UK:

Three Months Advance: £4,500

Security Deposit: 5,000

Initial Cost for Buying a Property in the UK:

Starts from: 200,000(at least)

4. Bank's Initial Deposit After Onboarding:

If after all the struggle you get approval from the Bank then the Bank itself will ask for an initial deposit and an amount to be maintained while you are running the account.

Initial Deposit to be maintained with the Bank:

10,000 - £50,000 (in most of the cases this is the normal range for deposit)

25,000 - £100,000 (There are some banks that charge even higher)

The initial expense for getting a proper UK Business Bank account through The Struggle way is near about: £25,000 - £300,000

The Convenient Way:

In this way, you will get everything ready and instant, with almost zero struggle, no travelling needed, no visits to the Bank's Branch, everything will be done from our end while you sit at you home and relax.

You will just need to hire our Nominee Director Services for opening your Bank account in the UK. We will appoint a Nominee director for your Company, the Nominee will be a Citizen of the United Kingdom and he/she will act as your Company's Guarantor to the Bank.

By Hiring Our Nominee director Services you will get:

  1. Instant Utility Bill (Of the Nominee)
  2. Instant Property in the UK (The Nominee will allow you to use their address for receiving important Bank documents & cards)
  3. No Need To travel (The nominee will visit the Bank's Branch for you)
  4. No Visa Needed (as you are not travelling)
  5. Contract + POA (100% Reliability & safety)

In this Convenient way, you will just need to hire our services and you will get your Bank account up and running within 15-20 Business days, no travel, no hassle.

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