Your dedicated RTR PA

We give you one person whom you know and trust to take care of your calls exactly as if working in your office.

Smart and confident RTR Supports Receptionists

Knowledgeable about your brand, product, and services.

  • Sends calls & messages to wherever you happen to be working
  • Help every single caller
  • Knows your business well
  • Available when needed – not an overhead all the time
  • Wins you more business
  • You never miss a business opportunity

Impress every caller

With our telephone answering service when a customer calls your business number. If you’re not available or don’t wish to take that call, the call gets transferred to your RTR PA, as if she is your office. Your PA will talk to that person with confidence. Her helpfulness and knowledge will impress your caller. Then that call will be transferred to you (or a college) or you’ll immediately receive an email or text.

“Our PA Jenny is amazing. She is very professional.”

Make your customers smile today

Call us on +44 203 9362 224 to discover how we will help your business.