Registered Address UK

What is a Registered Address

A registered office is the official registered address of a corporation or organization which is incorporated. This is on the public record and it may communicate with certain individuals (persons or organization) e.g. HMRC and companies house. A company is a legal body a corporation. It needs to be somewhere for other people to properly communicate with it, which is the address of the registered office.

It is a legal requirement to have the UK registered office for a UK limited company. The address is available to the public. It must be displayed on correspondence and on media produced by the company. Companies home, HMRC and other government bodies may use it as the address where they post-legislative letters and legal notice.

RTRSUPPORTS LIMITED provides a prominent London registered office address in the heart of Gloucester, which is suitable for any company registered in England and wales. The services include the scanning and emailing of all official government mail to you within 1 working days free of charge.

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