UK Business Bank Account

UK Business Bank Account

£ 999.00

There is no legal obstacle to the opening as a foreign national of a UK bank account, but each bank has its own products that come with specific terms and conditions. Your birthplace, rather than your citizenship, is typically what matters most. That means you can always open an account, regardless of your nationality, if you live in the UK.


What kind of documents do you need?

To open a UK bank account you will need documentation to prove your identity as well as your address. This is one of the ways banks maintain security and make sure accounts are not being used for illegal activity.

ID proof:

  • Photo ID proof: a valid passport

  • Other documents: Driving license, national identification card or a biometric residence permit.

Address Proof:

  • Latest household utility bills: coal, electricity or water bill

  • Credit card, bank statement, or client build statement. 

  • Legal driving license

  • Correspondence displaying your National Insurance Number and your name and address, such as an HMRC tax bill or letter of notice.

Nonetheless, most banks won't consider a private landlord's letter as proof of address. Moreover, in some situations a recent and existing Local Council lease arrangement or a registered housing association can be required.

(Needs UK Nominee Director. You will have to purchase Nominee director separately if you don't have)
  • Account Number and Sort Code


  • Business Debit card

  • Pay money in cash or load money by bank transfer

  • Do online transaction from anywhere

  • Direct Debit facilities

  • Centralised Account Management System

  • Online Banking Services

  • Online Customer Support

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