Complete UK Business Setup

Complete UK Business Setup

£ 1,900.00
£ 1,300.00


UK Company with the UK Registered Office address & UK EMI Personal Checking Account | UK Business PayPal or Stripe account

This Package contains:

  • Non-Residents UK Offshore company formation Package
  • Registered UK Office address (1 year)
  • UK EMI Personal Checking Bank account (Can be used for business)
  • UK Business PayPal account
  • Virtual Debit Card in multicurrency
  • UK Phone number

Non-Residents UK Offshore company formation Package:
Limited Company documents
Companies House Filing Fee Included
Free Online Company Manager
Printed memorandum and articles of association
E Memorandum and Articles of Association
E Certificate of Incorporation
E Share Certificate

Registered UK Office address:
You can use this address for Receiving company house related docs.
You can use this address as your company’s virtual office address
You can use this address for a phone number.
You can use this address as a company registered address
You can use this address on your website/ business card and other company documents.

You cannot use this address to open a bank account or payment gateway without purchasing a Bank account or payment gateway package from us. Any violation of this rule will be dealt with strict action.
If you have already paid us for Bank account, Virtual Bank, Fintech Bank, Gateway, Merchant account and you opened or applied by yourself we will consider the Bank Account or payment gateway delivered to you and you cannot ask for an opening of any other bank account or payment gateway.
You cannot use this address for parcel forwarding. If you want to receive any parcel you can buy our UK Virtual address service.

Bank Account Facilities:

Mobile Banking facilities.
Direct debit facilities.
SEPA payment facilities.
Bacs Credit payments can be sent to this sort code.
Faster Payments can be sent to this sort code.
You can receive funds from any part of the world.
Multi-currency account.

UK Business PayPal or Stripe account: (Can take several days in order to complete the process for the approval)
UK PayPal or Stripe account for receiving and sending payments for your business.

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