Bank Account in Mauritius

Bank Account in Mauritius

£ 500.00

Get your Bank account in tax haven Mauritius within 3-4 weeks.

Mauritius Bank account has the below features-

1. Online banking facilities.
2. Multi-currency account ( GBP, USD, EURO )
3. The bank is located in a tax haven.


Mauritius is considered as one of the top Tax Havens alongside with the Cook Islands & Switzerland. Tax haven Mauritius offers offshore customers a tax-free condition for capital investment. Offshore bank accounts in Mauritius can be guaranteed that the interest gained in such bank accounts isn't taxed.

Mauritius has a large, bank-dominated financial sector. The financial sector contributes to about 10% of the GDP. The Banking licenses are provided under the Banking Act 2004, which allows banks to carry both domestic and offshore bank activities. 

Mauritius Banks offer a range of services for offshore entities which includes: 

1. Multi-currency Bank Accounts,

2. International Bank Transfers

3. Business Debit/Credit card, 

4. Online banking features.

There are Several Benefits of Choosing Mauritius for Offshore banking, like:

1. Extensive security and protection of assets,

2. High-Interest rates,

3. Flexible banking.

4. Investment Opportunities,

5. Tax Savings,

6. Easy to access from any part of the world.

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