European business bank account
European business bank account

Dedicated SEPA EUR IBAN under the name of your company Incoming currencies: ONLY EUR SEPA Outgoing currencies: Multiple Currencies Worldwide Bank account purpose: Operating Business. Note: You must have a registered UK company.

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Nominee Director Services per year
Nominee Director Services per year

Why do I need a Nominee Director?

Most of the Reputed Banks in the UK do not accept the applications for non-UK residents. So hiring a British Director will enable the possibilities to get a Bank account with those reputed and top notch Banks for your UK Company. Moreover, having a British director in your Company will increase your customer trust, giving your Company a reliable presence in the UK. Note: All the rights and decision for your company will be solely yours and protected by the Nominee Director agreement, where you will be the beneficial shareholder. Get a UK Nominee Director for your UK Registered Company today within 24 hours of placing the order.
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Non-Residents  UK Offshore company formation Package
Non-Residents UK Offshore company formation Package

Online Limited Company Formation Companies House Filing Fee Included Free Online Company Manager Printed Certificate of Incorporation with FREE delivery in UK Printed memorandum and articles of association Printed share certificates with E Memorandum and Articles of Association E Certificate … Continued

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Readymade Company
Readymade Company
What is a readymade company? A readymade company, also known as an ‘off-the-shelf’ company, is one that already exists. A private limited company pre-registered at Companies House that has never traded, but is ready to use immediately. Once a popular method through which to set up a new company due to the lengthy incorporation process, today there are few advantages to buying a readymade company. the readymade company will have a name that suits your commercial purposes but you can change the company name. Changes to the Registered Office location will be required. Changes in ownership will be required so you will have to change the director(s), secretary and shareholders. All the statutory changes you make will be reflected on the public record. You can open the UK bank for this company
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Registered UK Office
Registered UK Office
  • You can use this address for Receiving company house related docs.
  • You can use this address as your company's virtual office address
  • You can use this address for a phone number.
  • You can use this address as a company registered address
  • You can use this address on your website/ business card and other company documents.
  • You cannot use this address to open a bank account or payment gateway without purchasing Bank account or payment gateway package from us. Any violation of this rule will be dealt with strict action.
  • If you have already paid us for Bank account, Virtual Bank, Fintech Bank, Gateway, Merchant account and you opened or applied by yourself we will consider the Bank Account or payment gateway delivered to you and you cannot ask for an opening of any other bank account or payment gateway.
  • You cannot use this address for parcel forwarding. If you want to receive any parcel you can buy our UK Virtual address service.
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