What is SIC Code of a Limited Company?

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A Standard Industrial Classification code (SIC) is used by the Companies House to categorise the type of economic activities in which a business is involved. This information should be provided by all the businesses at the time of company formation, despite the fact of whether their business is active or dormant.

The office for National Statistics (as well as numerous other government authorities) use these codes to collate important information about the different kinds of businesses operating and trading within the UK.

Where can limited company SIC code be found?

You can get the suitable SIC code for your company in the latest version of codes (SIC 2007) that can be viewed online from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). A condensed version of the full list is available on the website of Companies House. You should use the appropriate code from the condensed list on your annual confirmation statement.

If your company is using an old SIC code from 2003 version of codes, you need to search the SIC Conversion Table to find 2007 equivalent. You need to give a new code on your confirmation statement.

Can a company's SIC code be changed?

The SIC code can be changed at any time if your main business functions change. You simply need to find a suitable SIC code from the condensed list (or conversion Table if you are using a code from the 2003 SIC list) on the website of the Companies house and give it on the next confirmation statement.

It is not required to notify the Companies House before the statement due date, but you can make this information updated at free of charge at any time via WebFiling of software filing.

What happens if a wrong SIC code is provided for the limited company?

You do not have to worry about this, you just require to change the code when it is time to deliver a confirmation statement early.

What SIC code should one use if the company is dormant or non-trading?

Dormant companies should choose SIC code 99999, and non-trading companies should use SIC code 74990.

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