Incorporating a company in the USA

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We will submit "Articles of Incorporation" or "Certificate of Incorporation" to create a corporation in the United States. The LLC adaptation of these reports is classified as "Organizational Articles" or "Organizing certificate" (these documents may contain various names based on which state you are choosing). Also, the "entities" represent a company that is not a person and may apply to either a company or an LLC.

  • Choose Which Type of Business Entity to Form: Corporation or LLC

If some of the companies ' owners are not U.S. Citizens they are known as "Shareholders" of companies and LLC members then you have the option to either establish the Company also known as "C - corporation" or "Regular Corporations" or LLC. There's another entity type called an "S-Corporation" yet that entity requires all investors/shareholders to be US Citizens.

The number of owners for the US Corporation or LLC, which country the owners are from or are people or companies (foreign or domestic, LLC, and so forth) cannot be restricted. However, you must consult with your local law and contact a lawyer knowledgeable of your circumstance and the US law if you are uncertain of local requirements. Your nation may have limits on which US companies can operate.

  • Choose Which State to Form Your Corporation or LLC

In the United States, in the 50 states or Washington DC, you can form a corporation or LLC. Which state you decide depends on the reason why the firm is formed. Some US states, especially Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming are "business-friendly" or "international - friendly" In particular.

You could choose the state in which you open the office if you are opening an American branch with an office (or a domestic employee). Form a company in a state other than Delaware, but when the office is opened, you will be able to re-register this Delaware company in Florida, for example, if your office is based in Florida. It means that you qualify Delaware as a physics company in Florida, so this is called "foreign qualification." Of course, if necessary, we can help with foreign qualifications.

  • Form a Corporation or LLC requirements in the US

There are only a few basic requirements that have to be formed by us when you have selected the kind of corporation that you wish to form and which state that you will form the company.

These include:

  • Pick a Company Name

We shall strive to ensure that this name in your chosen state is accessible. In case we are unable to reach it, we will contact you for additional names and work until we find an accessible name.

  • Give a Registered Agent

The Registered Agent is a person or organization that needs to have a physical location in developmental condition and be accessible during hours of business, and recognizes and signs legal and state records of authority for the organization. Our services will accept these documents, scan them and send them to you by email and, where necessary, transmit documents via International Mail (with tracking numbers).

  • Provide persons involved in the project with their name and address (Officers, Directors, Members, etc).
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (Optional)

A number issued by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), that is somehow like an identification number for companies, is the Federal employer identification number (FEIN) also known as an "EIN" or just the Tax Number. We assist you in receiving this number from the IRS once your company is registered with the State. For example, FEIN is needed to open a bank account with the United States (and perhaps in your own country, check with the local bank to see if this number is required to open a bank).

  • Apostille or Certificate of Authentication (Optional)

You may have to have a company training documents certified with an "Apostille" or "Certificate of Authentication" if you want to open a bank account in your home country, or if a local business or government office needs proof of the formation of your US Corporation or LLC. If your nation is a person from the Hague Convention (Apostille Convention: Listed here), an apostille that is an agreement between nations to accept each other's documents will only become available. If your country is NOT a member, your country might require either the state in which the company is formed or the US State Department (or both) to be "certified of authentication."

  • After Forming a US Corporation

When you have formed a U.S. Corporation or a US LLC, you may wish to do certain other tasks after your corporation or LLC has been filed, depending on what you want and what your company wants to do.

  • Arrange a US Physical Business Address or Virtual Office

To receive business postal mail, customer mail, and so forth at a United States address or to arrange for a ' mail forwarding ' and/or ' virtual office ' service if all the banks you contact require a separate physical US address, which is not the same as your registered agent. A lot of such services are located in the US, many of which are located in Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming, above mentioned. Some offer ways to forward your documents weekly or monthly, and some may have the ability to provide you with a US telephone number.

  • Open a US Bank Account

If you intend to accept US payments, open a US merchant account or open an American branch office (or for other purposes) then a U.S. banking account must be opened. Unfortunately, due to various U.S. anti-terrorism laws, this has become significantly difficult in recent years, but there are still several options (depending on your country of origin) which could make this process easier. Important to realize that it takes some research and depends greatly on variables that are ultimately beyond our (and your) control.

  • Open a Bank Account in Your Home Country

The Bank will most probably require the above mentioned "Apostille" or "Certificate of authentication" if you are opening a bank account in your home country. Order with us, it is important to inform us of this need, so that when creating a US company we can create the documents.

For further details on opening the bank account in the US, contact us

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