How to use Twitter for your business?

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Twitter can be an integral part of any marketing strategy to market your business on social media sector (others include Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest).

Following are some tips to use Twitter for your business effectively to grow your business and promote your brand.

1.) Create a content strategy:

Content is key to making successful use of Twitter for business. But not just any content- it is relevant and engaging content that your intended audience will find value in which you need to post. That is where a content strategy comes in. Having a plan includes that your content satisfies your objectives and the needs of your audience.

First, decide your content goals - what do you want to achieve from Twitter? Do you want to:

  • Attract more visitors on your website
  • Create brand awareness
  • Increase your sales
  • Build a reputation as an expert

Then you must define your audience - who exactly do you want your tweets to reach?

Once you have done that, you are ready to create the kind of content that your audience/potential customer will most appreciate and that will best accomplish your goal.

2) Put pictures and videos into your tweets:

Tweet that contains pictures or videos daily gets more involvement than tweets that contain only text. Therefore, you can use relevant pictures, not just in your tweets, but also in your replies. 

Posting videos is the best way to make your tweets stand out; the movement of a video can catch someone’s attention while scrolling through their Twitter news feed. You must aim for videos 30 to 45 seconds as users of Twitter are used to short updates.

Make sure you grab their attention quickly by putting your most eye-catching picture or clip right upfront.

3) Use hashtags:

If you add a "#" before an unbroken word or phrase like this: #unbrokenwordorphrase, it creates a hashtag, and when you use it in a tweet, it becomes linked to all the other tweets that include it. Following are the best ways to use hashtags to promote your business.

To highlight campaigns by creating a unique hashtag for every campaign.

To research so that people talk about your brand, products or services.

4) Use Twitter ads:

Using Twitter ads can help you get more followers and viewers on the website and/or updates on the app. Targeting features are available so that you can choose the specific audience you want to attract and there is no minimum campaign spend. The Auction determines the cost of your Twitter ads.

If you have trouble deciding how much you are going to pay for each contact, such as a new follower or a visit to your website, you can use automatic bidding to determine the best bid price based on the goals and budget of your ad. You should choose four or five tweets to focus on your campaign to start.

5) Use Twitter Analytics and other tools to craft campaigns:

Like many other social media sites, Twitter provides its free Analytics tool, which you can use to learn more about your followers and how your tweets perform.

The Analytics tool contains your account home that offers an overview, a tweet activity dashboard, where you can see exactly how many times Twitter users have seen, liked, retweeted, and reacted to each tweet, audience insights, which provides information about your audiences'; interests and demographics, and a campaign dashboard, where you can monitor your impressions, performance and cost-per-result for your Twitter ad campaigns.

Twitter has worked with Union Metrics to create a free Twitter Assistant to review your messages and make recommendations to help you create more entertaining tweets.

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