Non-Residents USA Offshore company

Non-US Resident? Form your own US company from ANYWHERE in the WORLD, within 5 to 7 business days

US Formation Kit is a premium package for NON-US residents to set-up their fully working companies in the US. It covers every step of the incorporation process to successfully form a company in the best place of the world to have a company -Delaware-, as well as a guided procedure to open a bank account for your company. The US Formation Kit main goal is to provide an effective, fast and affordable way for non-US residents to set up a business in the US. The kit is highly effective and easily used for anyone that wants to start doing business in the United States.

Why you should form your company with us

US Formation Kit includes:

  • Registered agent.
  • Phone consultation with our accountant not a salesperson.
  • 2 Months Free Business Address.
  • Takes 10 minutes to fill in forms.
  • Company EIN.
  • 10 years of combined experience and thousands of companies formed to give you the most professional service for a solid start in the USA.
    Get your US company or get 110% of your money back!
US Company Formation Kit
£ 399.00

US Formation Kit -VS- Others

Our US Formation Kit
Other Company
GBP 399
GBP 599
Online company formation
Virtual Business Address
Success Guaranteed

USA Bank account (for Non-Residents)
£ 999.00
USA MasterCard A/C with one Master card
£ 220.00
Email Marketing upto 10,000
£ 70.42
USA Registered address (per year)
£ 200.00

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