UK Nominee Director Services

There are various potential explanations behind using a UK nominee director while registering a Limited Company, Appointing a UK nominee Director is tied in with keeping up the secret of the genuine proprietor of the company limited by shares or other business, and the majority of this is done in a way that is altogether legal. We value offering a UK nominee director service that enables you to keep your inclusion in your new company private. Regardless of whether you are registering a UK business from overseas or you have existing colleagues that you d preferably keep your involvement from, our service gives all of you the advantages of ownership without the public exposure. The nominee director we can give execute as intermediaries following up on behalf of proprietors in an open limit.

Why do I need a Nominee Director?

Most of the Reputed Banks in the UK do not accept the applications for non-UK residents.

So hiring a British Director will enable the possibilities to get a Bank account with those reputed and top notch Banks for your UK Company.

Moreover, having a British director in your Company will increase your customer trust, giving your Company a reliable presence in the UK.

Note: All the rights and decision for your company will be solely yours and protected by the Nominee Director agreement, where you will be a beneficial shareholder.

Get a UK Nominee Director for your UK Registered Company today within 24 hours of placing the order

Nominee Director Services for one year
£ 1,500.00

The director name can only be used for UK company formation.

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