We Chat on your behalf

Talented people, briefed by you to live chat with your website visitor exactly as if working from your office.

Smart and confident RTR Supports Receptionists

Knowledgeable about your brand, product, and services.

  • Response to some or all of your live web chat throughout working day
  • Impress customers by resolving issues quicker
  • Maximising every web visitor thus producing more business leads
  • Get online only when needed, so not an overhead all the time
  • Experienced and based in the UK
  • Email important chats to you immediately.

How it works

We give you a small code to add to your website. That’s it! From this point, once a visitor enters the live chat section from your website, that chat will pass to an RTR Supports Receptionist. It can be done all the time or just when you’re offline.

As briefed by you once you join us, they will resolve the majority of the customer requests on the chat platform. Anything urgent will be sent to you via email.

“It is must have for websites like ours. RTR chat representatives are smart and helpful.”

Make your customers smile today

Call us on +44 203 9362 224 to discover how we will help your business.