FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual address works like your address in an offshore jurisdiction which can be used for receiving parcels and documents.

It will be a local USA or UK number. All outbound call/SMS and inbound call/SMS will be possible. You’ll need to install an app. You’ll need to recharge top-ups starting from 5USD for calling purpose

For the USA company formation, It will take about 7 business days.

USA Bank account opening will be done within 15 to 20 business days after company formation.

We have partnership with 15 different Bank from United State. But in most likely cases you’ll get your account opened in either Bank of America or Silicon Valley Bank.


Yes we do including mail forwarding services.


Lloyds bank

Need to use within 30 days

UK company will take 24 hr

USA company will take up to 7 working days


Gateway will take up to 15 working days

Bank will take up to 15 to 20 working days

You need to provide incorp documents and processing history (if you have). We’ll need your passport and address proof.

Gateway will be high risk or low risk as per your need.

Gateway will be UK or USA based company as per your choice.

You will get Online banking, debit card with UK/EU bank and with alternative option also.

Initial deposit will be Euro 400 to 15000. We can also provide alternative option of EU bank with no deposit at all.

Everything can be sent to us through email.

UK and USA Bank need visit for non-resident customers. But we can provide an alternative option with no visit for USA and UK bank account for them.

For incorp :- Need passport, Address proof;
Merchant gateway :- processing history (if you have), Need passport, Address proof.

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