Accounting & Bookkeeping services

Are you a CPA, ACCA, CA firm looking to get certain accounting & bookkeeping roles outsourced

At RTRSupports Limited, we perform value-added bookkeeping and accounting outsourcing for CPA firms, ACCA firms, and other accounting & bookkeeping services auditing firms across the globe.

Accounting Outsourcing and bookkeeping roles to an offshore accounting team at the low-cost destination will not only help in saving on cost but would also enable you to utilize the time saved and resources bandwidth in planning & performing core accounting and bookkeeping service more effectively.

We can work as your virtual back office and are confident to perform accounting and bookkeeping service that would assist you with :

  • Bringing in an increased focus on business development and enhancing your market reach.
  • Utilizing the time to try and develop more efficient accounting outsourcing services and products to win clients in an ever-changing and dynamic business environment.
  • Decreased turnaround time in reverting back to clients due to time difference advantages and getting the job done from bookkeeping professionals with experience of working on similar assignments across the globe.
  • Increasing your bandwidth to build business relations with additional clients and getting the non-core accounting functions like accounting and bookkeeping services, taxation preparations, reconciliations, invoicing etc done from us.
  • Substantial Saving of costs as the rates of providing such professional services is lower enough to save 40-50% of costs if compared to the rates of the same being done in-house or from local contractors.

Indicative Range of accounting outsourcing function roles that we can do for a Practicing CPA, ACCA, CA is as under:

  • General Bookkeeping Services: We can provide a range of bookkeeping and accounting services for your clients or can also take up any specific area of the job such as: Account receivables, Account payables, Reconciliations, Payroll, Invoicing and other related bookkeeping roles. We can assign you with a dedicated team of professionals with experience of working in similar industry and market.
  • Accounting services: We are proficient and have experience in setting up and maintaining accounting for small, mid-sized business enterprises. We can also offer customized accounting outsourcing solutions based on the varied needs of different clients you would be servicing. We have hands-on experience and are working on the latest and most reliable accounting packages used globally for processing accounting for small, mid-sized firms like: Quickbooks (various versions), Peachtree, Quicken, MYOB, XERO, Clearbooks, and other similar accounting packages. You can specify your requirements of the accounting software to be used for different clients and we can accordingly deploy resources with requisite accounting experience.
  • Income Tax Preparation services: We are involved in computing income taxes for individuals, partnerships and limited companies for US, UK and Australia based clients. We can prepare income tax returns and do the necessary calculations for your review so that the job can be executed at a fairly lower cost maintaining the quality of service at the same time. You can outsource us the income tax preparation jobs of your clients and we shall work to get the same executed in minimum turnaround time and in the most cost-efficient way.
  • Preparation & analysis of Financial Statements: We can provide you with regular reporting on the financial statements of different clients as and when required. Once the bookkeeping process and accounting services are being done, care is taken to make sure that the financials are tied up to account for all income and expenses and that they meet up the required accounting standards. This helps the preparation and depiction of a fair financial position of an enterprise from time to time. We are also doing a financial analysis of past profitability and financial position of a business enterprise. We can provide you with comparative key trend analysis, ratio & variance analysis for the various account balances which are increasingly been used by business owners to understand the brand positioning, product acceptability, market reach, and customer satisfaction. This again helps make business decisions and to plan for the future.
  • Sales & Use Tax, VAT and GST computation & filing services: We have been also providing services relating to necessary calculations, workings and documentation work for the filing of monthly/quarterly and annual sales tax, VAT and GST returns as applicable to business enterprises. You can outsource the computation and preparation of such returns as computing & preparing relevant taxes for an enterprise primarily involves interpreting the income statements and doing relevant computations based on the prevalent statutory requirements. The job done by us can undergo your review and this way you can reconfirm the quality and leverage on getting the job done from subject matter professionals from a low-cost destination.
  • Financial Modeling and preparing Business Plans: With experience in preparing Business Plans and doing financial modelling for enterprises gives us a chance to utilize our skills and offer you with financial modelling and business plan preparation assistance for your clients, startups and growing business enterprises. With the team having experience of working with leading Investment Banks and Big4 Accounting firms in the UK, we can assist you with preparing iterative financial models for projecting business cash flows for next 5-7 years and doing a sensitivity analysis. Preparation of financial models can be used by business houses to do informed budgeting for the next 2-3 years and to raise funding. equity or debt.

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