Bank Accounts and Payment Gateway

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Now we can provide European bank account and US and South-American bank account for India, Bangladesh and lot of other countries remotely without visiting the branch. We are specialized in Low Risk and High Risk Payment gateway. Our banking partners will allow you to open bank remotely without visiting the branch. We have done partnership with many offshore bank who will help you in the process. We also provide E-check facility for all kind of High risk and low risk business.

Multiple Currency Accounts

Hold funds in USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD, JPY, NZD, CHF and PLN. You can hold one, or multiple currencies in your bank account. We want to give you the flexibility and protection to conduct business locally and around the world.

Secured Remote Banking

You don’t need to visit us to bank with us.No need to come into our bank, or even leave the comfort of your home. We are utilizing the latest security and online banking functionality to give you a “real-life” experience right in your own home. About our currency Exchange partners Our currency Exchange partners offer a Personal Service to all our customers making International Money Transfers

Making an International Money Transfer should be Simple, Straight-forward and Fast. We offer a fully transparent online platform accessible 24/7, displaying the mid-market rate on every transaction and no hidden fees. We are eager to help you and your businesses!

Best Exchange Rate

View the mid-market rate and your rate, no hidden fees

Spot & Forward Contracts

Book both Spot and Forwards online

Risk Management

We help our clients plan for the future

Same Day Swift Payments

The fastest and most secure method of making forex payments

Make a currency transfer in less than 60 seconds

Using our advanced online platform you will gain access to more functionality than ever before.