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UK Company Formation

Get Up to a 5-year-old ready-made company
  • Company Formation
    GBP 179
  • UK Readymade Company
    GBP 3,699
For Non-residents

UK Bank Account

100% guaranteed bank account opening from any part of the world. No visit is required.

  • USA Multicurrency Account
    GBP 2199
  • Corporate Business Account
    GBP 1999

Get information about a company

You can get some details about a company for free, including:

  1. company information, for example registered address and date of incorporation
  2. current and resigned officers
  3. document images
  4. mortgage charge data
  5. previous company names
  6. insolvency information
  7. Find Existing Company Info >>

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Core Services

UK Company Formation

Your company will be ready in 24 hours.

UK Bank Account Setup

Your bank account will be ready in 24-48 hours.

Offshore company and Bank Account Setup

In the USA, Europe, Switzerland, Mauritius, Cook Islands, Puerto Rico(US).

Business Accounting services

Strong business experts, high educated staffs

Readymade Business website

Integrity and diligence.

Virtual Assistant Service

Competitive price policy, no hidden charge


RTRSupports Limited: We‘re ensuring our company documentation is of the highest quality, always up-to-date and compliant with current regulations and legislation.

Know More

We make Company Formation Simple

Follow our 4 Easy Steps to set up your Offshore Company remotely without any hassles.

Step 1
Company Name

Start by searching for your desired company name to check if it is available for registration.

Step 2
Select Package

Select a package that suits your requirements. We have a range of business packages to choose from.

Step 3
Place Order

After selecting the required package add it to your cart and place your order from our website.

Step 4
Company Details

After placing your order, just send us some quick details about your company and we will handle the rest for you.


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My new company registered within hours.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Company formation has requested the details of a number of different addresses at the time of company formation, of which are placed on the public record. 

Registered Office Address

  • Required by all limited companies.
  • Office address of the Company.
  • Placed on Public Record.
  • Must be situated in the country of incorporation (England and Wales, Scotland or North Ireland)
  • Statutory Government Mail from Companies House, HMRC etc.
  • It can be a residential or non-residential address.

Service Address 

  • Required by company directors and secretaries
  • Address where every individual receives their statutory mail from UK government agencies like companies house and HMRC. 
  • Can be located anywhere in the world.
  • The address is placed on a public record.
  • It can be residential or non-residential.

Usual Residential Address 

  • Must be provided by directors, company secretaries and the PSCs.
  • The address is not placed on a public record unless it is also used as a registered office, service address or SAIL.

SAIL Address

  • SAIL Address is a Single Alternative Inspection Location
  • It was used as an alternative to the registered office for storing statutory registers and making them available for inspection.
  • Must be the same in the UK company as the registered office
  • It is optional
  • The address is placed on a public record.

Business Address

  • Business Address is optional
  • They can use one or more business addresses as a contact address for clients, suppliers and lenders.
  • Can be located anywhere in the world.
  • Not placed on public record

One must have a minimum of one director and one shareholder. It is possible for one person to assume both of the rules and the incorporation of the company on their own. You have to appoint multiple directors and members during and after the formation of the company. 

Company formation is the process of registering a business in the form of a limited company.

A company is registered when it becomes a separate legal entity. The owners are responsible for their finances, assets, and liabilities.

In the sole trader's form of business, they do not enjoy the financial protection of their limited liability. There is no distinction between business finances and personal finances. It means that they have unlimited liability and are fully responsible for business debts and claims. All the corporate details are placed on the public record to ensure full disclosure and transparency for the benefit of the public.

A virtual address works like your address in an offshore jurisdiction which can be used for receiving parcels and documents.

It will be a local USA or UK number. All outbound call/SMS and inbound call/SMS will be possible. You'll need to install an app. You'll need to recharge top-ups starting from 5USD for calling purpose

Have Questions?
We’re here to help you.

Send us your contact details.

Our Services

With a Combined Knowledge and Experience of over 10 years in the offshore business field, we are currently one of the top leaders of Offshore Business service providers, offering a huge variety of offshore business solutions.

UK Company Formation

We are a Companies House authorised Registered agent. It takes us 24-48 hours to register your UK Company. We ensure all legal requirements are met so that you may not face any issues in future. We provide company formation for both residents & non-residents.

Selecting your appropriate business structure:

If you have got a great business idea, did your market research along with an appropriate business plan, and you are thinking of setting up a company in the UK, then you need to know the different business structures that the UK government provides.

1 Sole trader: In a sole-trader type of business, the owner is considered as self-employed, which means that you need to register your company with HMRC for self-assessment after you begin trading. As a sole trader one needs to run their business to meet the legal requirements. Also, a sole-trader needs to keep its profits after tax and the person is also responsible for any kind of business debts. If you own sole trading business, then you need to pay income tax and National Insurance that is subject to thresholds for the profit that is generated from your business.

2 Partnership: For UK company formation under this type of business structure, you and your partners need to share the responsibility of your business personally. The business profits are shared among the partners and each partner needs to pay tax on their share. While setting up a business partnership you must choose a name, a nominated partner, and register your company with HMRC. The 'nominated partner' will manage the partnership's tax returns and record keeping.

3 Limited liability partnership (LLP): In this LLP business structure, the number of partners is not limited, but there needs to be at least two designated members for filing annual accounts. Similar to a limited company the LLP model protects the assets of its members by limiting their liability to as much as they have invested in the business and any personal guarantees they may have provided when raising loans.

4 Private Limited Company (Ltd): A private company has a limited liability of shareholders to creditors. In this type of business structure, the personal assets of the shareholders are protected in the event of company bankruptcy, but the amount invested in the business can be lost. An ltd company must have minimum one director and one guarantor. Moreover, the company director of this type of company structure operates the company on behalf of the shareholders. A limited company needs to pay an application fee and should be incorporated with Companies House.

Decided on the company structure? But still confused about the requirements?

It takes about 48 business hours for the company formation process to be fully completed. Immediately after your new company is incorporated, you will be emailed with all the digital copies of your new Company's Documents.

Will you get support even after the Company Formation?

Of course! Our support stays with you even after the company formation is completed. So please feel free to call or email us for any assistance from our end.

UK Readymade Company

A ready-made or off-the-shelf company is an old pre-registered company at Companies House which has not been used yet. You can get a ready-made company instantly and start trading without any delay. An aged ready-made company can help your business to build a good image from the very beginning because of the year of incorporation.

UK Bank Account for Non-residents

Are you a Non-UK resident? Struggling to get a UK Bank account for your business in the UK?
You have arrived at the perfect destination then.

We provide UK Bank account opening services for Non-Residents. We have several options for serving Non-UK resident banking requirements. We offer remote Business and Personal UK Bank account opening for Non-residents.

UK Nominee director Services

US Company for Non-residents

Non-US Resident? Form your own US company from ANYWHERE in the WORLD, within 5 to 7 business days.

Our US Company process is very fast and reliable which provides all the essentials documents along with a Guaranteed Success.

US Bank Account for Non-residents

Need a US bank account for your Existing business in the USA? It's easy, with us you can get your US Business bank account up and running within 7-10 Business days with some simple ID checks and an EIN.

Note: For this process, you will not need to visit the branch, everything will be done remotely.

Offshore Bank Account - No Visit Required

An offshore bank account grants you to work through multiple currencies without draining assets and funds through currency conversion fees. It likewise gives you a chance to get credit or debit card to different currencies. Through online banking, you have consistent, nonstop access to your accounts from anyplace on the planet.

Interested in getting an Offshore Bank account? check our Offshore Bank account packages and choose the one best suited for your needs.

Choose your Offshore Bank Account

Accounting and Bookkeeping

At RTRSupports Limited, we perform value-added bookkeeping and accounting outsourcing for CPA firms, ACCA firms, and other accounting & bookkeeping services auditing firms across the globe.

Accounting Outsourcing and bookkeeping roles to an offshore accounting team at the low-cost destination will not only help in saving on cost but would also enable you to utilize the time saved and resources bandwidth in planning & performing core accounting and bookkeeping service more effectively.

We can work as your virtual back office and are confident to perform accounting and bookkeeping service that would assist you with :

Bringing in an increased focus on business development and enhancing your market reach.
Utilizing the time to try and develop more efficient accounting outsourcing services and products to win clients in an ever-changing and dynamic business environment.

Decreased turnaround time in reverting back to clients due to time difference advantages and getting the job done from bookkeeping professionals with experience of working on similar assignments across the globe.

Increasing your bandwidth to build business relations with additional clients and getting the non-core accounting functions like accounting and bookkeeping services, taxation preparations, reconciliations, invoicing etc done from us.

Check our accounting and Bookkeeping Package

Registered Address Services

Companies House needs registered companies to supply them with a legal postal address for their registered office. This address has to exist in the real world, so this is why using PO Boxes are not approved as an official office address, because they are not a physical address. However, it does not mean that you need to have a physical office space to be able to register your company.

You can use our Address services, to register your company and receive all the official company documents that you need.

Virtual Address Services

Using a virtual office address can save you from a lot of hassles and extra expenses.

A virtual address is generally used for receiving documents or parcels in a foreign country where you do not have a property at.

You can opt-in for our virtual address services for mail forwarding purposes where we receive all your documents at our address and forward it to your doorstep.

UK Visa Assistance

Visiting the UK for business purpose requires you to have a business visa. Our team is qualified in UK immigration law & experienced in helping people.

You may avail our Visa assistance Services we can assist you by advising you on the process, assessing the merits of any application and ensuring that all required documents are submitted to prevent delay.

Website Development Services

Our team of software developers, testers, project managers and quality assurance specialists work unanimously via constant interaction and unmatched attention to deliver a successful project. Hire our web application developers to avail quality services on time. Be it enterprise web application development or e-commerce application development, we are adept at providing customized solutions for each.

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